50 Cent Says SMS Roster Expanding Soon, Ready To Tackle His 1st Promoted Event


    March 1st will mark the first date in the 2013 boxing calendar that a main event is co-promoted by 50 Cent’s SMS Promotions. That said main event is an IBF featherweight title fight between the title holder and SMS fighter Billy Dib taking on the number 3 ranked Luis Franco on an ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights Card. The event will take place in 50’s adopted backyard at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Connecticut. 50 hopes it is one of many.

    “This will be the 1st event I co-promote from the ground up. This is the 1st event that SMS is involved with the entire production and going through the entire process. Of course, you’ll see some of my friends from music culture at this event. I am putting all my energy into making this event a success. This could be the start of a new relationship with Foxwoods,” explained the rapper/mogul.

    One must wonder what type of effect and success the newly turned boxing promoter will have in this sport. Lou Dibella, a man that’s been in the boxing business a long time feels that as much as 50 cent puts in, is as much as he will get out.

    “50 cent has been a promoter his whole career. He’s been in the music business a long time, so he understands politics. He (50 Cent) can be as big as he wants to be. If you have the money to sustain the talent, you can compete. No promoter has the following on social media that he has. He’s willing to work with promoters, he’s getting fights for his fighters, and his fighters are defending their titles. If he’s willing to put the time and effort, SMS can be a force to compete in this business,” stated Dibella.

    When I brought up the question about possibly competing with the Top Rank and the Golden Boy’s of the world, 50 cent intervened during my question and stated, “The fact that you mention my name in the same sentence as those guys means that you think I can and I’m sure other people do too.”

    Relationships go a long way in the sport of boxing. Last month 50’s fighter Billy Dib was rumored to be on the Cotto-Trout under-card taking on Jayson Velez. However that bout was scrapped according to some news outlets because of the falling out between 50 cent and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  50 spoke on that issue and stated, “The talks were basically premature and nothing was set in stone with Stephen Espinoza of Showtime. But there’s no point in crying over spilled milk and so we’ll move forward.”

    Moving forward is what 50 cent is doing with his fighters as he has Andre Dirrell fighting Feb 2nd in Texas and should Billy Dib win his fight against Franco, he is aiming at unifying with long time reigning WBA champ, Chris John. 50 cent also disclosed that Yuriorkis Gamboa is set to return in March but his opponent has not been determined yet, and that the rumored Yuriorkis Gamboa-Tim Bradley fight is, “Still in talks.”

    But that’s not all. The rapper/promoter hinted at an expansion in his stable. “SMS has expanded its actual roster with boxers you already recognize. We’re just working out to finalize contracts.”

    One must wonder who 50 Cent is lining up to join his team. One thing that can’t be argued is the new audience and the new dynamic he brings to the sport. Even so, it’s going to take more than performing as his fighter walks out to the ring( He will do the same for Dib as he did Gamboa), to make a big impact in the sport. That being said, he gets his 1st real shot March 1st.