Lundy: ‘I Exposed Dulorme, He Dosen’t Like Pressure’


    lundy_henry_680‘Hammerin’ Hank Lundy may have lost the battle, but the war is from over. Lundy who was dropped in the first round of his bout against Thomas Dulorme, explained that after the knockdown “then the dog came out” in him something that mentally Dulorme may not have been able to account for. Dulorme controlled the pace for four rounds, but began to fade around the fifth round and seemingly looked disgusted at his corner in final frame when he was told “he needed this round” from his cornerman, Robert Garcia of Oxnard, CA.

    It was a performance that if you judge the fight by the sum of all parts, it still was hard to explain who won, but Lundy came off more likable then Dulorme, who literally ran from him in the final rounds. “If [Dulorme] can’t bully you, he breaks,” Lundy explained. Lundy went on to explain it is more of a mental thing as opposed to physical as if Dulorme is not able to impose his will on his foe, he begins to get discouraged.

    “I made the fight, but it was supposed to happen, everything plays into the hands of the man upstairs,” Lundy stated as he expressed HBO was pleased with the performance. Lundy would later remark that for the majority of the fight he made the fight, so much so Steve Weisfeld of HBO ruled it a draw, which means he scored six out of the ten rounds for Lundy. “I exposed him, [Dulorme] doesn’t like pressure.”

    Lundy though is optimistic as he explained he is in a favorable position with the folks at HBO for the way the fight played out and that he hinted something big in store. Lundy who recently signed with Headbangers Promotions spent the camp working with Lamont Peterson, Austin Trout and Robert Easter Jr. remarking that he feels that the time is now. “I matured a lot and I know what to say and what to not say [now], I became a hell of a fighter. Most of these guys never went through what I through, hard tough fights.”

    It’s a far cry from the Lundy of two years ago who at times some might feel was childish or foolish at times with his anecdotes and retorts. Lundy is now a mature adult, who is grounded in what he wants – a world title. That being said it is still hard for Lundy to find a fight as he took the Dulorme fight at 140 out of it being offered. “I can still make lightweight, but this opportunity [arose],” Lundy explained as he has plans for a big run at lightweight still.

    “I want the WBC [lightweight] title or Terrance Crawford at lightweight,” Lundy said. “Crawford fought an inactive Yuriorkis Gamboa rather than Hammerin’ Hank.” Lundy who is currently ranked number three by the WBC currently behind Jorge Linares and Javier Prieto who are fighting for the vacant WBC title in Japan on December 30th after Omar Figueroa was stripped of the title on November 11th. This would leave Lundy as the number one contender heading into 2015, if the rankings do not shift after this fight.

    When asked who he wants to fight next year Lundy was prompt in explaining “I match up good with anyone.” So to summarize, Lundy is not worried about who he faces. So much so I always joked Hank Lundy would fight Godzilla at a catchweight and only ask how Godzilla had been looking in the gym. Lundy objected, “I would want the best Godzilla, so I wouldn’t hear no excuses. So no catchweight,” Lundy retorted.

    This is the charm of Lundy, love him or hate him, Lundy will fight anyone. “I am not like these guys, I came up tough with hard fights.” This is the mindset that also led to his reaction to a story Karim Mayfield recently explained of his encounter with Lundy in Las Vegas, NV to ThaBoxingVoice.“I saw Karim Mayfield walking in Vegas, it was me and two of my friends, one is like a brother to me and you can ask them about his story, because they’re street dudes, they don’t lie. Karim saw me and walked over to me, and I was about to punch him in his face. Most of these guys are not street dudes and I am not like those guys. He walked over and said he just wanted to acknowledge me and say that he saw me,” Lundy said.

    Nonetheless, Lundy is entertaining and willing to fight in two weight classes as well as not being afraid of the guys that are being hailed as the greatest out right now ala Terrance Crawford. In short, no matter how you feel about Lundy, a part of you has to respect him as he is in essence a fighter.