Maidana Explains Why the Rematch with Mayweather Will Be Different Than the First Fight


    hi-res-01d5a372ddc26bfb4bffee919b25f4bd_crop_northWe are less than a month away from “The Moment” when Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana will square off in a rematch of their first fight that took place on May 3. Maidana reflected back on the first fight and gave his thoughts on pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather. “I definitely thought Mayweather might be a little faster and that wasn’t the case. That’s what I basically noticed that he wasn’t as fast as I expected,” he said.

    Maidana went on to explain why he feels the rematch will be different than the first fight. “The first time I had a little more anxiety. I have more time to train this time. Now I know Floyd much better and that’s going to be key for this fight.”

    Maidana gave Mayweather the toughest fight that he’s had in years. Maidana believes that he more than held his own of the course of the twelve rounds. “I feel that I was totally under control by the fifth and sixth round. I felt he picked it up after the sixth round a little bit and that’s when maybe he went up on the scorecards and that’s what I needed to do attack a little more.”

    Normally Floyd Mayweather doesn’t usually give his opponents rematches and this is the first time since 2002 that he has had one. Maidana explained why he feels he was given a rematch. “The first fight was very even and people have their questions about the first fight that happened and the second fight will definitely take those questions out.”

    Things seem to be a little more heated in the lead up to the rematch with both camps being more aggressive this time around as opposed to the build in first fight which seemed more respectful, but Maidana says that this is nothing new for him and doesn’t seemed concerned about Mayweather’s antics. “I’m very aggressive and I’ve always had all of my fights be very aggressive and that’s how I’m going to be in the second fight. I also will be very aggressive against Floyd Mayweather.”

    Will the rematch be any different than the first fight? “We are not going to change that much. We do want to correct a couple of errors we committed during that fight and that’s what we are going to do,” claimed Maidana.