Malignaggi Speaks Out On Al Haymon And Haymon Fighters


Lately it sounds like Paulie Malignaggi is not satisfied with his current promoter Golden Boy Promotions. He spoke to us briefly about his frustration. “I’ve been trying to fight Marcos Maidana for a couple years. There’s this funny thing going on in Golden Boy, they won’t match their non-Haymon fighters with each other. They will only match a non-Haymon with a Al Haymon fighter. So you can never make a match between me and Maidana. We wanted to make this fight we talked on twitter and everything. I was told there’s not enough money in there to make a main event fight.”

Malignaggi continued “Next thing I know I close and open my eyes again and Josesito Lopez is fighting Maidana in a main event. So all of a sidden, what happened? The money was there for that fight? No man Josesito is with Al Haymon. Not that Josesito Lopez doesn’t deserve a big fight, he put his sacrifice and his work in. I’m just telling you about the principle of it all.” During the interview Malignaggi didn’t hide his admiration for Maidana. “Maidana deserves a legitimate title shot not the interims he has won in the past. I respect him as a fighter and as a man. It would be a great fight but I got to look at what’s in front of me Saturday.”

Besides feeling jaded Maignaggi also is feeling under appreciated by boxings fickle fans. “People choose to remember the times that I’ve shown up and I’ve lost. So you know, if you keep in mind everything I’ve done, you wouldn’t just remember the losses. There has been times where people thought I was going to lose. There has been times where I’ve been the underdog and I’ve won and I’m not just talking the Senchenko fight. I was the underdog, believe it or not, in the Juan Diaz rematch. If you remember the odds. There’s been fights where going in Ive been the underdog and I’ve won but people just forget about those. They remember where I’ve talked a lot and lost. You’re going to win and you’re going to lose.” Malignaggi let us know how the fans should see him saying” In reality, I’ll tell you how people should look at me. People should look at me as ‘this kids accomplished a lot. He’s not only lost big fights, he has won big fights too but he has only lost to top fighters. Instead of looking at me like that they say he has lost anytime he has stepped up. Do I really got to lose to bums to get the credit. Like okay he lost to a couple bums too, so he didn’t only lose to top fighters, so we will give him credit for the good wins he has too. It’s ridiculous, that’s why I stopped thinking about it and stopped worrying about it. I fight for myself. I continue to not be respected but t the end of the day it’s a motivational drive and I got that chip on my shoulder because of it.”

Hopefully Paulie takes that chip off of his shoulder before Saturdays fight with Broner. It might weigh him down and according to a lot of critics Paulie will need every advantage he needs. He is as high as a 18-1 underdog for Saturdays fight.