Mandy Bujold Wins Arbitration Case To Compete In The Olympics


    Good things come to those that wait in most cases but there are times that those that wait end up with nothing but regret.

    Mandy Bujold wanted to start a family. She was patient and planned it out so that it would not interfere with her competing in the Olympics. She followed the rules and took time off that would not affect her joining the Canadian team but when she found out that she was no longer going due to a rule change which took place during the pandemic she was devastated.

    Bujold could have just sat around and pissed and moaned or gone pro to fight for a living but instead she chose to take the case to court in order to fulfil her dream. The rule change in question was not only a violation of her human rights and it was discriminatory and she has a solid case. It was not going to be easy and it sure as hell was not going to be cheap but with the help of a Go Fund Me Bujold was able to reach her goal for her legal fees which is great news as her legal team got her the victory she needed and she will indeed be going to compete in the Olympics.

    “Very excited to announce that the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport was released this morning,” stated Bujold via social media. |”I am proud to say that my legal battle was won. The new qualification criteria must include an accommodation for women who were pregnant or postpartum during the retroactively chosen qualification period. My Olympic dream is still intact. I had an incredible legal team fighting this battle with me, led by Sylvie Rodrigue of Torys LLP. We left it all in the ring. It was one of the biggest fights of my career, but also the fight with the most meaning. I was standing up for what I believe is right and for the dream I had worked so hard for. And I am so proud that we’ve set a human rights precedent for female athletes now, and for the generations to come.”