Manny Pacquiao’s close friend says ,“It will happen on May 2.”


FullSizeRender-2Much was made about the scene that took place at halftime between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao last night at the Heat-Bucks game in Miami last night. Both fighters were seated courtside and at half-time, Mayweather approached Pacquiao, where they were seen talking and exchanging numbers.
Some reports were saying that it was a pleasant conversation while another stated that Mayweather told Pacquiao and his team to “stop lying.”

Most of the reports were using unnamed sources or members of Pacquiao’s camp, which is why it’s hard to know what was really said.

To continue the, he said she said part of the drama, a report came out today from, stating that Mayweather and Pacquiao met again in Pacquiao’s hotel room.

Pacquiao’s close friend Bernard Cloma, confirmed that the two boxers met and had a private conversation with ABS-CBN’s radio station DZMM, stating that both men had a long chat in the living room of Pacquiao’s hotel.

“Yes, Mayweather went to the hotel and visited Manny. They had a long talk,” he said in Filipino.

Cloma said that Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee and advisor Michael Koncz were both present as well. He also dismissed the report where Mayweather told Pacquiao and his team to, “stop lying.”

“That’s not true. He only gave his mobile number to Manny and said that both of them should communicate with each other,” he stated.

As for the fight, Pacquiao’s close friend said,“It will happen on May 2.”