Marquez On Mayweather-Pacquiao: Doesn’t Trust Judges. “He[Pacquiao] needs to go for the knockout,”


Mayweather Pacquiao MarquezJuan Manuel Marquez knows a few things about Las Vegas judges and them favoring the A-Side of the equation when it comes to his fights with Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao will play the role of B-Side when he tangos with Floyd Mayweather Jr. come May 2nd. For Marquez, it took a one punch defining knockout to finally get a win over his rival. Marquez feels Pacquiao will need the same result to beat Mayweather.

“He needs to go for the knockout,” Marquez said on Golpe y Golpe. “In Vegas, the judges are going to favor Mayweather if a fight goes to a decision.”

Marquez feels Pacquiao’s aggression will be key against Mayweather.

“Pacquiao, when he’s aggressive is when he’s at his best. In most fights, he’s not worried about what comes back but with Mayweather he’ll have to be cautious in what comes back because Mayweather is the best counter puncher in the game. He knows what will hurt Pacquiao,” stated Marquez.

Marquez feels what Mayweather brings is a perfect style to beat Pacquiao.

“What Pacquiao has difficulty with is the defensive first counter punch fighters like Mayweather,” Marquez said. “But Mayweather’s more dangerous than most because of his speed and he’ll be bigger than Pacquiao, my pick is still Mayweather by decision.”