Marquez On Mayweather “They supported him, the entire situation of 2009 still angers me”


Juan Manuel MarquezJuan Manuel Marquez has been idle since he beat Mike Alvarado nearly a year ago. But since then he’s been off, he still contributes to boxing via media. Last week he was on hand to cover the grand event that was Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao. Marquez has a history with both fighters.

While Marquez has faced Pacquiao four different times and although he may not have agreed with a few of the decisions, on a physical side, he felt it was an even playing field. However with Mayweather, he feels that he was never really given a fair shot because of the weight disadvantage.

The contracted weight was 144. Mayweather was coming off a layoff, and Marquez was coming up from lightweight. At the time, Marquez was promoted by Golden Boy Promotions who would work with Mayweather for his fights as well. Marquez felt his promoter was in favor of Mayweather at the time.

“It was upsetting to me to see how the situation was handled, everything in favor of Mayweather, everything against me. We knew at that time that our promoter, Golden Boy, was more of a promoter to Mayweather than they were to me, but we know that does not mean that he is not a great fighter,” Marquez said to ESPN Deportes in an article on

Mayweather came into the fight at 146 and did not bother dropping the two lbs. For his troubles, Marquez was paid $600,000. But even then he feels he didn’t get a fair shot at Mayweather.

“Yes, all of the adversities were against me, including the weight. He came in at 146 and for me it [took away] an advantage because it would have been hard for him to make the [agreed] weight, and I was coming up from lightweight. [Making the weight] would have made him feel diminished, but it did not happen this way. They supported him, and to this day the entire situation of 2009 still angers me.”