Martin Murray Shines in Loss to Sergio Martinez


    Martin Murray played the role of road warrior for the second time in his career on April 27th traveling to Argentina to face the lineal middleweight king Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez.

    Murray must have studied Martinez’ fights against Darren Barker and Mathew Macklin because it seemed like he combined the two strategies and put up one hell of a fight. Yeah he started off slow but after he knocked Martinez down in the eighth round, Murray’s confidence increased and so did his punch output.

    Later in the fight he caught Martinez in what seemed to be another knockdown in the tenth round, but it was ruled a slip.

    By the end of the night Martinez had won the decision. The fight seemed to be a draw or even a loss for Martinez but to beat a hometown fighter who is a champion, you must knock him out. Murray remained humble in defeat stating that he did not do enough in his eyes for the win.

    After this fight his stock has risen to the highest level it has ever been, even higher than when he had a draw with Felix Sturm on Sturm’s home turf.