Max Kellerman “Floyd has the best chance of beating Pacquiao”


Max KellermanMax Kellerman will be ringside for the biggest financial boxing fight the sport has ever seen come May 2nd. It’s a fight the world has been waiting on for over 6 years. It’s a fight that may be a bit past its expiration date but to Kellerman, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are still two of the best fighters in the world and the only two who have a good chance at beating one another.

“Because I’m working fight I can’t make a prediction,” Kellerman told Hit First Boxing. “I would say that’s standard in the industry. I would say Floyd should be favored for a reason. You really can’t make a prediction for the appearance of favoritism. This is the fight everyone wants to see for a reason because these two guys have the best chance of beating each other. I mean who else has Floyd fought that could have a better chance to beat him than Pacquiao. Obviously, Floyd being the best pound for pound fighter in the world, Floyd has the best chance of beating Pacquiao and anyone at 154 or below.”

While the fight competitively might have been at its peak years ago after Pacquiao beat Miguel Cotto in 2009, it’s still intriguing now. The fight was slated to happen in March of 2012 but because of the many failed negotiations, the fight is happening now. Kellerman says it’s still as big as it ever was.

“So, the fight was at its best 5 or 6 years because that was when two of the generation’s best were in their prime in their same weight, and pound for pound supremacy was at stake,” stated Kellerman. “But now to offset the fact that it’s not quite the fight that it was a few years ago from a purist point of view like Leonard-Hearns 1, that’s offset that there’s been pent-up demands for 5 years like there was for Leonard and Hagler, that those guys were not quite at their best anymore, but if anything was bigger than Leonard and Hearns, and that’s what this fight is, it’s still the biggest fight to make.”