Mayweather implies lawsuit is about jealously


    LawsuitIn a recent interview with Dontae’s Boxing Nation, a staple of the Mayweather Gym, Jeff Mayweather shared his thoughts on the pending lawsuit from two of the biggest boxing promoters, Top Rank, Inc. and Golden Boy Promotions against Al Haymon and The Premier Boxing Champions Series.

    Mayweather said that he doesn’t know if the suit holds merit, but he knows why both companies filed the suit.

    “I don’t know if they have a chance of winning, but you have one guy that came into the sport and basically took over,” Mayweather said. “Anytime you’re involved with four different networks; you’re controlling the sport. The guy came in and took over boxing; it’s more about that than anything else.”

    In regards to fight that took place in his backyard, Adrien Broner versus Shawn Porter, Mayweather said the fight went pretty much how he thought it would.

    “It kind of played out like I thought it would,” explained Mayweather. “You never know what Broner will show up. The one thing with Broner is he never really showed the ability to actually box. In this fight, he didn’t show it either because he was too busy throwing one jab. Porter makes every fight ugly. The reason he’s able to make every fight ugly is because he has constant pressure on you.”

    Mayweather feels that if Broner were able to show he can box, he could have changed the fight.

    “If you know how to box you know how to change it,” the trainer stated on a boxer changing Porter’s aggressive style. “But if you don’t know how to box you’re not going to change him. If you throw one jab, he’s already there to grab and hold you and do whatever he does to fight his fight. If you’re in constant motion and jabbing, you run him into stuff kind of like Broner did a few times in the fight. He couldn’t move consistently. Porters a dog, he stays on top of you and is a workaholic. I think the best guy win, the guy who was able to force his style of boxing on the other guy.”

    In the end, the right guy won according to Mayweather

    “Broner got too caught up; he turned the fight into something it shouldn’t have been like talking about the guy’s day, and it’s not that serious. Right guy one.”