Mayweather Reportedly Offered 120 Million Guarantee for Pacquiao Fight


    _Floyd_Mayweather_Jr_053707_Feels like we’re back in 2012 with the ongoing Mayweather-Pacquiao negotations with all the he said she said going on from both sides. Even the Abu Dhabi investors are pitching like in the past.

    According to a report by, the group from Abu Dhabi of UAE have upped the offer for a Mayweather-Pacquaio fight to a guaranteed $120 million dollars to Floyd Mayweather. Akbar Muhammad who is one of the principal investors said that the offer was submitted to Mayweather Promotions.

    “The media has been speculating the offer has gone up $10 million to a guaranteed $120 million, and they’re right,” said M. Akbar Muhammad. ““Mr. Mayweather has said he’ll fight Pacquiao in the spring, so the only matter that needs to be resolved is the money.”

    Frankly the issue has been more than money, more than drug testing, and more than dates. It’s the willingness of Floyd Mayweather and Bob Arum, his former promoter working together as it seems that was and still is the major hurdle from the start. But if anyone is offering the most money, it certainly is the group headed by Mr. Muhammad.

    “I defy any other offer to come anywhere close to what Mr. Mayweather and the ‘Money Team’ will net by fighting in Abu Dhabi. It simply can’t and won’t be done. Such is the nature of today’s international financial landscape. It’s a brave new world, and sports is embracing it,” said Muhammad. “Mr. Mayweather can be cutting edge, a trend-setter. “

    Truth be told the fight can happen anywhere and at any time and it would be a global event but Muhammad feels bringing the fight to Abu Dhabi is more than a financial gain for Floyd Mayweather.

    “But money’s not the only factor that makes this an historic event,” said Muhammad. “The fight happening in Abu Dhabi makes it a truly global event. There’s more to boxing than just Las Vegas. For instance, the media tour for this event will not be just in the United States; it’ll be a worldwide tour, one which will hit major capitals and countries around the globe. ”

    A guarantee of $120 million dollars is something that can’t be seen or done by any other athlete in sports by one night’s work. How truthful the offer is would be another story. But if Mayweather’s about money could he pass up such and offer especially if Mayweather Promotions is the lead promoter as Mr Muhammad says they will be?

    “Future fight cards in this part of the world, regardless if Mr. Mayweather fights on them, will be done with Mayweather Promotions as the lead promoter,” said Muhammad.

    Even if Mayweather agrees, would Arum allow Mayweather Promotions as the lead promoter and what about Pacquiao’s guarantee? There are still a lot of questions and not enough answers for the biggest possible fight in boxing history to be made.