Khan: ‘A Fight with Mayweather Would Be Like a Game of Chess, Nobody Beats Me at Chess’


    article_5e3009fa4feb2916_1356595216_9j-4aaqskAmir Khan was once in a poll with Marcos Maidana as a possible foe for Floyd Mayweather. In the pool on the Mayweather Promotions site, fans voted that Khan should be Mayweather’s foe for his date this past May. Maidana got the nod and netted a rematch with Mayweather in May as well.

    Khan handily defeated Devon Alexander this past weekend and has been calling out Mayweather before and after the fight. Mayweather said hi focus on Manny Pacquiao and that no one outside of boxing knows Khan.

    Khan seems confused.

    “First he said I was a big name, now he’s saying I’m not a big name. I don’t know what he’s doing,” Khan told Fight Hub TV. “I want the Mayweather fight because I believe it’s a fight I can win. Breaking down the fight, speed, power, and movement, fine people say I can’t take a shot, he’ll never hurt me anyway.”

    Khan feels he’s one of the smartest if not the smartest fighter in boxing and a game of chess is something he can win against Mayweather.

    “That fight would be like a game of chess, nobody would beat me at a game of chess,” explained Khan. I’ve lost fights because of myself where I let people beat me. The two fights I lost by knockout, I let that happen because I look for a knockout and I had no game plan. When I went to the Garcia fight, I had no game plan, when I went to the Prescott fight I had no game plan. I’ve gone into so many fights with no game plan I just went with the flow.”

    Khan feels his union with his trainer Virgil Hunter is a blessing. He now has a game plan and now has guidance and follows through with what’s done in training camp.

    “With Virgil I have a game plan, I’ve never gone to fights with a game plan until now like following what I do in sparring and you see the difference,” stated Khan. “I’m thinking and becoming more wiser as I get older. I might not have the same engine when I was 24 but I got more experience and the experience is winning me fights, thinking in fights.”