Mayweather Sr On Canelo, Larry Merchant, and The Mickey Bey Controversy


Floyd Mayweather Sr. has never been one to hold his tongue on certain topics in the sport of boxing. He will be in the corner when his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes on Canelo Alvarez in September. In an interview with, Mayweather Sr. talked Canelo, HBO, Mickey Bey, and more.

On The Rumors of Mayweather-Guerrero Being Bad For Business:

“I don’t know what they talking about, there want a chair left in the f*ckin arena. Guess what? Why they still fighting? Because the whole thing is they got a contract with Floyd all together, a six fight deal. The whole thing is that I don’t really know the numbers, the arena was filled and the only fight they talking about in boxing bigger than this is the Oscar De La Hoya and my son. It’s understandable if he can’t pass those numbers.”

On Why They Are Fighting Canelo So Early In The Showtime Deal:

“It aint about the right time to fight him now, I think it’s the weight and we don’t know how long he (Canelo) will be at this weight.  They want to make sure Floyd fights one of the best fighters they got. I think they trying to make sure Canelo gets that big win; but he aint going to get the win. He’s going to get in the wind but he’s not getting a win. He’s a good fighter but it’s a whole different entity, Floyd being 36 and him being 22, it’s still a great difference.

On The Triangle Relationship that is Roger, Floyd Sr., and Floyd Jr.:

I can only speak about Floyd and I can’t tell you about Roger. Roger is Roger and Floyd is Floyd. The whole thing is we not going to care about what the media says. At the end of the days that’s my brother and that’s my blood, that won’t change, even if the media wants to change, we won’t change.”

On HBO’s Treatment of Floyd and if that was a reason for leaving to Showtime:

“I’m not saying that’s the cause but I think it has a lot to do with it. Larry Merchant is a racist. He’s a wet salty cracker. He’s no good. He’s not even good for his own race. The things that he was saying to my son; he better be glad because I probably would have had a case.

On The Mickey Bey Controversy:

“I think anytime a fighter comes up with that kind of stuff, don’t get me wrong I think it’s bad anybody’s camp come up with it. It happens so much over there at Wild Card, here, it’s an unlikely thing that somebody would expect to see that here. It did happen,  but the doctors took ownership of what they said they did. Bey said if you give me any kind of enhancement drugs, don’t do that. The doctors owned up to that. Mickey wasn’t in the wrong. The doctors were according to the story in the papers. They said Mickey told them he didn’t want no enhancement drugs but they did it anyway. I don’t know man, I’m not a boxer nomore, and it looks bad on anyone if you come up positive with something. You had it with J’Leon Love. Everybody doing it; boxing, baseball, cycling, MMA, golf, everyone doing that crazy sh*t.  Right now it’s nothing fair. My son getting ready to fight, he (Canelo) said he wanted to get with Angel Heredia. He said he wanted him in his corner. Why would you say that you want any guy that ever said something like that? Why would you say you want him in your corner? I personally didn’t hear it but someone in the gym told me. It just raises suspicions.”