Mayweather Sr: “We’re Planning On Doing Great Bodily Harm… Real Damage”


FloydMayweatherSrFloydMayweatherJrFloydwJm34QPC9cglMarcos Villegas of The Boxing Channel spoke with Floyd Mayweather Sr. about why he thinks Floyd is going to have such an easy time with Manny Pacquiao. Floyd Sr. didn’t want to give too much away but he was pretty candid (of course) about what he seems to think Manny Pacquiao’s achilles heel may be come fight night.

Before Mayweather Sr. jumped into fight details, he took a moment to reflect on how it feels to be part of an event this big but questioned what all of the hype was about. As far as Floyd Sr. is concerned, Floyd Jr. has already been in 47 fights just like this one.

“It really feels good man, to be in an event like this, it feels very very good but umm… to me, to be honest, all of this hype that everybody’s got about this fight… I don’t even see it.”

He was asked why he felt the fight didn’t warrant the type of hype that it has been receiving, Senior responded with some uncharacteristic brevity.

“Easy fight.”

So why is Floyd Sr. so convinced that this is going to be an easy fight? Manny has a pretty stellar record behind him, and he’s put quite a few guys through the meat grinder in the past. Sure, he’s had some hiccups here and there, but even the most ardent Manny detractors should be able to recognize a little bit of danger in what the legendary Filipino brings into the ring.

“I’m just tellin you what I feel, the way I feel and the way I see. I don’t see nothin that Pacquiao got, matter a fact, all the fights he fought with uhh, Marquez, all them man was close fights, Floyd beat that guy so easy, man. It’s crazy.”

Floyd Sr. is right, those were close fights. In fact, my own scoring of those fights says Manny’s record against Marquez is 1-2-1 but that can’t be the only reason team Mayweather thinks so little of Pacquiao.

Anyone who wants to talk about how much better Floyd did against Marquez would also have to look at how much better Manny did against De La Hoya, Hatton, and Cotto. You can even throw Mosley’s name in there for Manny if you don’t mind getting into a bit of an argument along the way.

If one wants to get into that whole “success against similar opposition” thing, Manny is ahead of Floyd by a pretty good margin but that line of thinking ignores a million variables along the way so I choose to ignore it.

Fortunately, Floyd Sr. wasn’t all about Marquez. He also recognizes what many consider to be Manny’s true deficiency going into this fight with Mayweather… his defense. Pacquiao has a reputation for leaving himself open to counter punches, which plays right into one of Floyd Jr.’s biggest strengths.

“I can see him runnin into so many things, man… I know what Floyd do, so… I’m pretty sure he gonna do what Floyd will do.”

That may very well be the case. When questioned about what he expects to be most effective against Pacquiao there was a lot of hesitation on the elder Floyd’s part before he finally came up with a vague enough answer to appease whatever gag order Junior put on the old man.

“I ain’t gonna speak on what I think it’s gonna be; I’m just gonna say that some things that… more than likely he gonna get hit with some real good things… And he might retreat. When I say ‘retreat,’ he might take a knee and then say ‘Don’t want no mo’… over.”

Bluster aside, Floyd Sr.’s hesitation to reveal even the slightest bit of strategy, says a lot. He isn’t even comfortable talking about Manny running into straight rights all night even though that is what everyone has been saying for years. If this fight is so easy, why the paranoia?

Manny is a unique and dangerous fighter. He brings a combination of speed, power and awkwardness that Floyd Jr. has never seen before. Floyd’s camp may be saying Pacquiao is easy, but everyone’s behavior over there (the paranoia, the gag orders) is showing me that they respect the guy more than they lead on.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. ended the exchange with one more carefully worded declaration that put them in no danger of tipping the hand they intend on playing come May 2nd.

“I ain’t gonna say where he gonna hit Pacquiao at but wherever he hit him, we’re planning on doing great bodily harm. Definitely some real damage.”

I don’t care what anyone says about Floyd’s inherent ability to improvise in the ring; they are working hard on specific things, and they do not want any of us to know what they are. We will find out whether that kind of preparation hinders Floyd or spells doom for Manny come May 2nd, live from The MGM Grand Garden Arena.