Melissa Hernandez on the future of Puerto Rican boxing


Melissa HernandezWhen you look at countries throughout the world that have a rich boxing history which countries come to mind? The United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico? All three countries have produced great world champions and have a rich history, and while the United States and Mexico continue moving forward and continue to make history, Puerto Rico seems to be in a state of limbo.

Miguel Cotto is currently the best fighter from Puerto Rico that is active but his time in the sport may be coming to an end soon. There are other up and coming fighters such as Felix Verdejo and Jose Pedraza and despite their records they are still in the developmental stage in their career. Either one of them could size the reins but they still have to further prove themselves.

Women’s junior welterweight champion and Puerto Rican fighter Melissa Hernandez feels that there is not a Puerto Rican fighter out there at the moment that has shown superstar qualities but it does make it fun to watch as the fighters jock for position as the next star.

“Right now Puerto Rico is looking for star. I don’t see anyone yet being the new super star,” Hernandez told Tha Boxing Voice. “There have a few newbies nipping at the heels for that place. I’m very excited for the next few years in Puerto Rican boxing.”

While the men search for their future star, Hernandez along with Amanda and Cindy Serrano have been the face of women’s boxing for Puerto Rico. They have set the standard for the women’s side of Puerto Rican boxing but Hernandez feels that the next generation of female fighters have yet to step up their game.

“From what I’ve seen right now female Puerto Rican boxers need to step up cause it seems no women are trying to be the next us. I really don’t have an issue still rocking then crown with the Serrano’s. We have very different style and I believe we have set a nice path for the new ones when their ready to take the reigns,” Hernandez added.