Mike Tyson & Julio Cesar Chavez To Be Immortalized As Funko Pops


    Funko Pops are a status symbol for today’s generation of athletes, celebrities and movie/TV shows. In the words of Warren G “you can’t be any geek off the street” in order to be immortalized for generations to come.

    In January of 2021 it was announced that rising boxing star and social media influencer Ryan Garcia was getting a Pop figure and that was big news. There only other active boxer with a Pop figure is Manny Pacquiao and as far as former fighters go the all time great Muhammed Ali has been given the honor.

    Two other gigantic names in boxing will get figures as well. “The Baddest Man On The Planet” Mike Tyson and “El Gran Campeon Mexicano” Julio Cesar Chavez are set to get figures.

    Tyson, Chavez and Garcia’s figured are due to release in October but you can already pre-order them from various websites.

    What’s great about this is that it will open eyes to younger generations on the previous greats in the sport and if they can showcase some more of the younger stars it can help them grow with a newer fanbase. As a collector of sports memorabilia I’m hoping for at least a Canelo figure but will be happy with anyone getting a figure made. It’s great for both young and older generations and anything that can help the sport grow is great!