Muhammad Ali in Good Spirits After Being Released from the Hospital


    Muhammad-AliMuhammad Ali also known as “The Greatest,” has had one of the most remarkable careers of any athlete. He endured political, religious, and cultural issues while dominating the illustrious heavyweight division of the 1960’s and 70’s. A man who overcame much hatred, is now one of the most beloved retired athletes in the world. This is why many boxing fans and people in general who are familiar with Ali, are saddened when his name arises in headlines stating that his health is diminishing. There have been a couple of false alarms where a family member is forced to demystify any rumors of declining health, but people are still worried about Ali’s condition.

    Fortunately some positive news has recently hit the forefront regarding Ali’s health. According to the Associated Press, Ali was released from the hospital Tuesday night, after being admitted on Dec. 20 for what was initially thought to be a mild case of pneumonia, but turned out to be a severe case of urinary tract infection. After Ali was permitted to go back home his spokesman, Bob Gunnell stated, “He’s in great spirits and enjoying being back home. He’s back in his daily routine.” He went on to explain “Ali is back home and looking forward to celebrating his 73rd birthday on January 17 with his family and friends.”