Naazim Richardson: ‘Hopkins Will Control the Tempo Against Kovalev’


    090314-hopkins-richardson-600Naazim Richardson one of the most celebrated trainers of this generation is preparing his fighter, for one of the biggest fights of his illustrious career.

    Richardson understands the opponent in the opposite corner has a feared reputation, but also realizes Hopkins is a great fighter himself.

    Richardson told Tha Boxing Voice, “Two tremendous athletes are going to face each other on November 8th. You have the “Krusher” who has proven to be a great puncher thus far in his career. You have Hopkins who has proven to be a master boxer.”

    Richardson believes the deciding factor on who will be victorious on Saturday night, will come down to the one who controls the rhythm of the fight. He believes his fighter will be able to set the tempo.

    “[Hopkins] is not going to fight on Kovalev’s pace. That’s why we call him a master boxer. He hasn’t gotten there by listening to other people, so why would he listen to Kovalev?”

    “This is pretty much Bernard’s dance floor and Kovalev has been invited. You don’t let a man come to your house and tell you where your furniture will be; that chair will look better over there. If he comes to your house he’d say sit where you say sit. That’s what we have to evoke on Kovalev and his team.”