Naazim Richardson On Mayweather – Pacquiao: “No One’s Gonna Be Satisfied”

1237 was able to get trainer Naazim Richardson’s thoughts on the upcoming super fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Richardson is far more interested in the fight’s inability to live up to expectations than he is about how the two fighters match up. When asked about his thoughts, he is more prepared for a letdown than a fight of the year candidate.

“I’m lookin for Aaron Pryor and Roberto Duran. I mean… I’ve never waited on a woman for seven years… The fight’s gotta be better than Hearns and Hagler, and it’s gotta be three more rounds and I don’t think two men could hang three more rounds with the way Hearns and Hagler went that night. I don’t think either one of these guys fights like that.”

Naazim Richardson also feels that even when a winner is finally announced, people still won’t be satisfied, and the debates about who was better in their prime will still rage on.

“You’re gonna hear if Mayweather wins, ‘before Pacquiao fought Marquez and got knocked out blah-say-blah…’, Pacquiao wins you gonna hear ‘before Mayweather went to jail, blah-say-blah…’. No one’s gonna be satisfied.”

Although Richardson did not say it explicitly, it seemed as though he was giving Mayweather the edge in the fight. He then insisted that Mayweather finally get the credit that he deserves if he ends up beating Pacquiao, but he remained skeptical.

“Mayweather is the baddest thing to come from this era. The only thing that I hope is that the young cat Mayweather… I hope they do give him his proper credit… and should he beat Pacquiao, now can you say he the greatest of all time? Or does he have to dig of Ray Robinson and fight him too?”