Nacho Beristain Believes Canelo Could Have Beat Mayweather If He Applied Pressure


A week has come and gone since Saul “Canelo” Alvarez suffered his loen career loss at the hands of Floyd Mayweather and the puzzle of Floyd Mayweather is still unsolved. What will it take to beat Mayweather? Who knows, but legendary Mexican trainer and hall of famer Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain thinks he may know what it would have taken for Canelo to beat Mayweather.

Given Canelo’s size and power something as simple as pressure may have done the job for the young star.

“If he (Alvarez) would have been there with everything and would have completely applied pressure he could have knocked out Mayweather. Not only did we see a change of strategy, we saw nothing different than what they (Alvarez’ trainers) have taught him,” said Beristain to ESPN.

Could the outcome have been different if Canelo applied pressure? Sure. No one is invincible and everyone can lose. It could have also backfired as well. We will never know unless it happens but if they were to have a rematch it’s worth a shot.