Yessica “La Kika” Chavez Plans A Political Career For When She Retires From Boxing


    In a lesser known story from women’s boxing it has come to light what popular Mexican fighter Yessica “La Kika” Chavez would like to do after her boxing career is over. Even though boxing has always been in her life she would like to deal with other types of politics that do not take place in the ring.

    The young fighter who is only 24 trains at the Romanza Gym in Mexico City and has worked/trained alongside one of Mexico’s greatest fighters, Juan Manuel Marquez.

    Chavez has held and defended the WBC women’s silver light flyweight title twice. Being a champion and being around champions is nothing new to the fighter whose father was a champion.

    “My father Juan Manuel “El Kiko” Chavez is a former IBF world champion. I lived, ate and dreamt of boxing. Now I am creating my own story.” said Chavez.

    Chavez is truly a tremendous fighter and thanks to her father is patient and disciplined which could help her out when she does decide to enter politics.

    “I studied communication sciences but did not finish my career because I had other plans. I want to have a career in politics. The government of the state of Mexico has supported me and are putting me on the right path (for my career). I want to study law or political economy. I will have the opportunity but I want to be well prepared. I want to address problems in certain areas such as education or sports. In Mexico, if we realized that if we invest in our athletes/sports then we would be better positioned at an international level.”

    Chavez has her mind in the right place in regards to thinking about her future. Often times athletes hit a road block when their careers come to an end so the example that she is setting for other athletes and youth is what is needed.