Nacho Beristain “[Pacquiao]presents less difficulty that Mayweather did for Marquez”


Nacho Beristain black and WhiteNacho Beristain is known as one of the best boxing trainers in the world. Known primarily for working with Juan Manuel Marquez and his brother Rafael Marquez in the past, he has gone up against some of the best opposition in the world. Beristain is also synonymous for his training Rafael Marquez for his rivalry with Israel Vasquez and against Manny Pacquiao with Juan Manuel Marquez. He has also trained Marquez to face Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He knows the tough task Pacquiao has ahead. A question was posed by a member of the media that Mayweather is really tested to the body, and maybe that’s something Pacquiao should instill in his game plan

Beristain feels you can’t beat Mayweather by just doing one thing. He’s too good and too smart, so the plan has to be diversified.

I don’t think it’s a tactic he can follow to win the fight,” Beristain said. “He has to switch it up, go upstairs and downstairs to win the fight. But he can’t just think of going to the body only because Mayweather is great at defending himself with his elbows and then countering. It’s not a good option to follow just the body.”

Mayweather defeated Marquez rather easily in their fight while Marquez has given Pacquiao everything and more including a devastating knockout. But Beristain says styles make fights, and we can’t use that math equation when predicting a fight especially in one of this magnitude.

“I think that it’s a question of styles,” Beristain said. “Boxing is a style thing. Marquez is a natural featherweight and Mayweather had the size advantage outside of Mayweather being a great boxer. It was hard to have a chance to beat that. Pacquiao is much more explosive but much smaller than Mayweather; he presents less difficulty that Mayweather did for Marquez.”