Teddy Atlas “Three reasons” Pacquiao Will Can Beat Mayweather


Teddy AtlasAlmost a month away from the biggest financial fight in history, the opinions from all over the world are coming. Teddy Atlas, who was on hand at the red carpet event for Mayweather-Pacquiao, was one of the media members that felt the fight was going to happen this year. Why do you ask? It’s all in the numbers he said.

Last couple of months I said this fight was going to be made because the numbers were down for both, so they had to do something,” Atlas told the Boxing Channel. “When I didn’t hear a guy named Miguel Cotto mentioned with Floyd, I knew this fight was going to happen. Because that was another option, Floyd could have fought Cotto and brought good numbers but when I heard that fight wasn’t possible, I knew this fight could happen.”

While the excitement is there, Atlas doesn’t feel the anticipation for himself is there as much as other mega fights in the past.

“I don’t know if I’m putting this on my top 10 most anticipated fights,” stated Atlas. “I think there was more anticipation for Frazier-Ali, Louis-Schmeling, Hearns-Leonard, and Duran-Leonard. This will be the biggest money maker. The timing was right because the fans were lost and looking for an oasis. They look up and think it’s an oasis in the desert. They’re running to the oasis. I hope it’s an oasis and not a mirage.”

The Mirage Atlas speaks of Is the actual entertainment of the fight. He’s not sure the clash of styles will make it one.

“Mayweather is a defensive specialist and Pacquiao’s more of a boxer,” explained Atlas. “I hope we don’t get sand in our mouths. If it doesn’t turn out to be a good fight, it could be bad for the business because you have people paying 100 dollars for this fight and if it’s not good fight, it could be bad for the business.”

While Mayweather is, the favorite Atlas feels there are three reasons why Pacquiao could win this fight.

“Three reasons, he’s got quick hands, he can match Floyd’s hand speed. He puts punches in volumes. The perception of Floyd is that he’s a combination puncher. He a 1-2 guy. He picks his spot and never takes chances. Pacquiao, he puts punches together in volume. His foot speed is excellent. You got to have quick feet to match Floyd’s Pacquiao has it, and he has a good shot.”