Nate Campbell “Pacquiao Still Thinks That Left Hand Is God And He’s Hittable”


box_a_campbell3_576Dontae’s Boxing Nation caught up with former lightweight champion Nate Campbell briefly to discuss Mayweather-Pacquiao and like many in the game, he believes Mayweather will have an easy night.

Campbell began, “If Mayweather stays in the pocket and and box on this kid and throws the right hand, [Pacquiao will] run into it.”

He then went on about Pacquiao having inadequate defense.

“Pacquiao is Pacquiao… he still thinks that left hand is God, and he’s hittable. I mean, very hittable.”

Let’s face it, that image of a suspiciously ripped 38-year-old Juan Manuel Marquez catching Pacquiao with the most perfect of all counter shots is not going away anytime soon. Sure, it took Marquez four fights to get that shot off. Sure, the only reason Pacquiao was in that position is because he was shredding Marquez for the entire fight and got sloppy while going in for the kill… doesn’t matter. An unconscious Manny Pacquiao became a reality on that night, and nothing will be able to change that.

So that’s it… that’s the narrative until this fight happens. Pacquiao could have fought ten perfect fights in a row, and that loss will still color everyone’s perception of him leading up to his super fight with Mayweather. On May 2nd, Pacquiao will have his chance to forge a brand new reality for the world. One in which Floyd Mayweather Jr is no longer impossible to beat.