Robert Garcia On Why He Isn’t Training Dulorme For Crawford Fight


Robert-Garcia-IntthumbnailThomas Dulorme has a major fight coming on April 8th when he travels to Texas to take on Terence Crawford. Crawford will be making his debut at 140 lbs. To date, this will be the biggest fight in Dulorme’s career. What’s puzzling is to why he chose to left Robert Garcia and train in Puerto Rico. Garcia is credited with building Dulorme after his loss to Luis Carlos Abregu. Garcia wanted to train Dulorme but said he couldn’t leave Oxnard.

“Dulorme chose to train in Puerto Rico; he wanted us to go to Puerto Rico,” Garcia told “We can’t leave because we have guys fighting on the 11th. We needed Dulorme for sparing. Egis is fighting on the 11th in Laredo, Ivan Redkack is fighting the 10th in New York. We got guys fighting on BKB on April 4th.”

Garcia also feels that guys come to him to train from all over the world and that should be respected.

“I got guys that are here from Russia from Lithuania. Ukraine. I got guys from Argentina and they are all here in the gym,” explained Dulorme.

While he think’s Dulorme is talented and thinks he is a good kid, there’s just too many fighters to work with in Oxnard for him to leave to Puerto Rico.

“These guys are fighting a six rounder on Chavez undercard,” explained Garcia pointing at Fabian Maidana and another fighter. “If he would have been here, we would have been training and I would have left my assistants with Fabian because they fight on the same day. I couldn’t leave Oxnard and Donald couldn’t leave either. I have Cuellar and Gradovich, both world champions, how could I leave world champions here? They’re already here and here for my service. I’m not gong tell them I’m leaving because I’m going to Puerto Rico to train Dulorme. He’s a great kid and I wish him good luck, hopefully he wins.”