Nathan Decastro Pumped For Upcoming Paul Hilz Scrap


    When you do something that you love you never work a day in your life. When you are no longer allowed to do so it makes you feel like a prisoner in your own body. A prisoner that is still there and conscious of what’s happening around you but you can no longer say, do or act the way you want to in fear of the repercussions of what can happen.

    Nathan Decastro loves to fight. In his lifetime he fought over 100 times both amateur and pro boxing. He was forced to step away from boxing due to an eye injury. It sucks. He could no longer compete but he wanted to help out by coaching but lets’ be honest, it is never the same.

    Time away from fighting can take a toll on you mentally while your body heals but it always beckons you once you’ve gotten a taste for it and like a shark that senses blood in the water it can start a frenzy.

    Decastro made his Bare Knuckle Boxing debut in January of 2021 and once he got a taste of that blood he yearned for more. Not only did the competition excite him, it gave him purpose in life.

    “When I was forced to retire from boxing I wasn’t living,” stated Decastro via social media. “I was merely surviving. Bare Knuckle Boxing saved my life, it gave me a lifeline! The past 8 months I found my self again, this is my life! Sept 11th crowds are back and I am excited beyond words! The support is amazing!”

    Decastro is scheduled to take on Paul Hilz who has a record of 4-2. The two will be fighting in a British Title fight and fight fans are guaranteed to be treated for one hell of a show.