Jessica Camara To Take On Victoria Noelia Bustos For WBO Super Lightweight Title


    Three months ago Jessica Camara had the highest point in her career to this point when she took on and defeated Heather Hardy via unanimous decision. Camara was the underdog and Hardy was moving up in weight and the thought that many had was Hardy will shine at this new weight class since she had been finding it dificult to make weight but the majority were wrong about what was about to transpire.

    No fight is an easy fight but Camara made it look like she had little to no difficulties against Hardy. With that key victory on her resume the time for “The Cobra” to strike yet again is nearing as she will take on Argentina’s Victoria Noelia Bustos for the vacant WBO Super Lightweight Title on August 20th.

    “I am very happy to announce that on August 20th I will be fighting for the vacant WBO Super Lightweight title,” stated Camara via social media. “I will be replacing the champ Mary McGee as she recovers from a knee injury. Praying for her for a speedy recovery and I also thank her for passing this opportunity to me. Thank you to Lou DiBella & my manager for making this happen. Catch the fight live on UFC Fight Pass.”

    McGee was indeed slated to take on Bustos and the build up to that fight was tense. There should be no doubt that the winner may likely get a shot against McGee in the near future but McGee has unfinished business with Bustos on a personal level. I’m sure she’d love to take care of it herself but would not mind seeing Camara do the same thing to her.