Now It’s Danny Garcia’s Turn To Prove His Worth At 140 Again


    Last year Danny Garcia made a case for fighter of the year. While he was not awarded that luxury or stature, he left over all good impression on the boxing public, outside of the fans of his opponents, which he destroyed to garner that fame. A lot has changed in a division where many consider Garcia the number one guy, but numerous competitive matchups and knock out endings have created whisperers of new names in the division overshadowing Garcia.

    Garcia missing practically the first quarter of this year’s boxing schedule, has made it easier for him to be forgotten with fight of the year candidates with the like Ruslan Provodnikov, who moved up from the 140 lb. division to have possibly the best fight of this year, against Top ten P4P Timothy Bradley. Then you have Lucas “The Machine” Matthysse’s first round obliteration of Mike Dallas Jr. Just this past Saturday, we witnessed the second installment to what is being considered this day and age’s Arturo Gatti versus Micky Ward trilogy, when Mike Alvarado won a decision against Brandon Rios.

    Garcia gets his opportunity to reassert himself as number one in the division when he faces Zab ‘Super’ Judah, come April 27th. Judah has decent skill but a fighter many fight fans learn not to trust when it comes to the big stage. Judah has a long history of not being able to win the meaningful fights. What he does have is cat like reflexes and nine lives; a cliché he gained for being able to stay relevant for so long in the sport of boxing. Judah’s best attribute would have to be his mouth and ability to get under his opponents skin.

    Judah did that job perfectly when Danny Garcia revealed that he would be pulling out of their February date due to a rib injury.  Judah spoke on his social media immediately bashing and ridiculing Garcia, accusing him of pulling a fraudulent stunt with the rib injury.

    “It was three weeks out to the fight.  It was Saturday and I was fine.  I sparred three different guys.  I did 12 rounds.  After I got done sparring, I had a sharp pain on my side.  I thought maybe it was a cramp or something, but when I cooled down, I couldn’t  put my hands past my head, because I couldn’t stretch because the pain was so severe, so I went to the ER.  I got my ribs checked and they said I had a bruised rib.  They said that it would take four to six weeks to heal, so I tried to train with it another week, but I couldn’t run or anything because it was taking my breath away.  So we had to make the decision I was supposed to spar that Saturday.  I couldn’t spar, so I couldn’t go through a championship fight not sparring for three weeks, because timing is everything. So we had to make the smart decision and we had to postpone the date, but now I’m 110% ready and we’re about four weeks out and it’s coming up faster than you know it,” explained Garcia.

    The evolution of Garcia has been evident since day one gradually stepping up the level of competition from veterans and former champions to what was considered then the top guy in the division. Garcia blasted them all out one by one, improving in each performance. “I guess I would just say, growing as a fighter and getting more confident, believing in yourself and that’s what I do.  Every time I step into that ring, I don’t care who it is.  I always know that I’m going to win the fight no matter if I’m the underdog or if I’m picked to win.  I go in the ring with always knowing I’m a winner and that’s what I bring into the ring every time,” expressed Garcia.

    “Nobody can beat me.  The only person that can beat me is me and that’s if I go in the ring not at 110% in shape and I’m focused, I’m ready to go; I feel strong and it’s going to be an epic night April 27th.”