Olympians Errol Spence and Marcus Browne Continue Winning Ways; Joseph Diaz Jr. Successfully in Pro Debut


Olympian Errol Spence Jr. (2-0, 2 Kos) hammered Richard Andrews (5-3-3) of Virginia at 34 seconds of the second round in a junior middleweight fight that was set for four rounds, but never made it there. Spence — who fights out of the southpaw stance — had all of the tools and advantages, which included the experience of his amateur background, and speed that caused the TKO.

 “The main difference is no head gear, no computer scoring, and we’re not fighting for the amateur system no more; we’re fighting more of a pro style and that’s what we’re accustomed to,” Spence stated.

2012 U.S. Olympic boxer Joseph Diaz Jr. won in his professional debut over Vicente Alfaro in a unanimous decision. Diaz was credited with a knock down that was a clear knee to the groin, but you can’t give points back in boxing and there’s no use of instant replay. All three judges scored it 40-35 for Diaz.

“It was awesome just walking out and hearing the crowd cheer me on, it was really great I thank everyone for their support. It was kind of different in there because you’re fighting without head gear so you have to watch out for head butts and all the collides, but other than that it’s still kind of the same; your still using your speed, your strength, and your still trying to stay relaxed,” Diaz expressed.

Marcus Browne (2-0) of Staten Island, N.Y., earned a TKO win over Ritchie Cherry and scored three knock downs in the fight.

“It’s a beautiful thing, but I know I have a job to do and that’s to stay on the straight and narrow and be a role model for those kids. I’m glad I can represent Atlas Cops and Kids in a great way. Sometimes I get a little over anxious, so I have to relax and calm down and pick my shots a little bit better; it comes with experience and I’m just glad I got my second one out the way and looking forward to my third one,” Browne explained.