Ortiz Blitzes Kayode in One & Cuellar Crushes Juanma Lopez


    luis-ortizIn what was expected to be a war going in, Luis Ortiz vs. Lateef Kayode surely didn’t disappoint and totally lived up to the expectations.

    Ortiz wasted no time in there and right from the beginning of the fight seemed to be on a seek and destroy mission. He caught Kayode  reaching in with a misplaced jab and countered it with a right hand over the top that dropped Kayode seconds into the first round.

    From there on out it was all Ortiz. Kayode just had a hard time gauging his distance properly and was not able to set up and land his shots.

    Later in the first round Ortiz landed a big left hook that forced Kayode back into the ropes and then proceeded to land a barrage of unanswered blows, forcing referee Robert Byrd to stop the fight.

    Shortly after Byrd stepped in, Kayode then proceeded to throw two shots back at Ortiz but it was too little too late. Kayode protested nonetheless and was extremely upset with Byrd for stopping the contest.

    In the co-feature, we may have witnessed the final chapter of Juan Manuel Lopez as rising Argentinian contender Jesus Cuellar may have put the finishing touches on his storied career.

    Both Cuellar and Lopez started the fight throwing bombs with bad intentions but it was Cuellar’s shots that seemed to land more cleanly and were visibly doing much more damage.

    After waging war for the first half of the opening stanza, Cuellar started to administer a pounding on Lopez and with 1:36 left in the round he landed a hellacious left hook that dropped Lopez like a sack of potatoes, forcing referee Tony Weeks to immediately wave off the fight.