Oscar Valdez wishes Berchelt a speedy recovery, feels he will bounce back


Last night’s fight between Oscar Valdez and Miguel Berchelt was exciting.  There were many that didn’t believe that Valdez could do what he did but everyone knew Berchelt could turn the fight around with the right punch.

Unfortunately for Berchelt that never came. What did come was one of the most vicious KO’s not just in Valdez’s career but that I’ve seen in my lifetime.  

The knockout itself was scary. Berchelt crumpled quickly after receiving that left hand from Valdez and as he lay there on the canvas he was motionless for a time. That time had me staring at the screen repeatedly saying “holy shit I hope he is OK.”

News came out last night that Berchelt had a CT scan and that he was fine which was a relief for many in the boxing world including Valdez who wishes a speedy recovery for Berchelt and feels he will bounce back.

“I want to wish the best to Miguel Berchelt,” stated Valdez via Twitter. “I’m sure he will be a world champion again because he is a true warrior. I only have respect for him. I look forward to your return to the ring soon champion and a speedy recovery.”