Pacquiao Aims to Prove He Is Still the Same Fighter He Was Three or Four Years Ago


    MannyAfter Manny Pacquiao suffered his devastating knockout lost against Juan Manuel Marquez, his aura of dominance has diminished. With two consecutive wins over Brandon Rios, and Timothy Bradley, he has proven he is still in fact, among the top welterweight fighters of today.

    The majority of people have speculated Pacquiao has lost a portion of his power and the explosiveness he once had a few years ago. Pacquiao understands this is in fact true, and in a press conference recorded by ESNEWS he stated, “What I’m trying to do is show the old days. The old days in my career.”

    With a dominating win against a fighter such as Algieri, it would surely end a lot of the criticism towards Pacquiao. The majority of boxing insiders are choosing Pacquiao to be victorious, but also predict Algieri to give him a lot of problems. If Pacquiao staggers Algieri, or even knocks him out, perhaps Pacquiao may be viewed as the number one fighter in the world again, as was the case many years ago.

    However, if Pacquiao loses, or has a tough outing in Macau, China, the criticism towards Pacquiao’s current state will continue to hinder on throughout the boxing landscape.