Paige VanZant feels the move to boxing was the right decision


Paige VanZant is set to make her Bare Knuckle Boxing debut this Friday  (February 5th) against Britain Hart. It will be VanZant’s first fight since her departure from the UFC.

Switching sports is not an easy task. Sometimes there will be successes and a lot of times there are failures.  The move to boxing is something VanZant feels is the right one since she can focus on striking instead of a mixture of everything. 

“I absolutely do [feel I made the right move],” VanZant told MMAFIGHTING.COM ., “And you know, as it gets closer, I feel that more and more there’s so many other aspects around all of this that I’m excited to fight. But it’s like the training, like I’m having so much fun just focusing on my boxing and my striking, which is what I’ve been known for.”

The change has reignited VanZant’s passion for fighting. 

“It’s like falling in love with your career all over again. I feel like I’ve never been this passionate about learning and developing and growing. And part of that is because being here at American Top Team, I know that I have some of the best striking coaches in the entire world of some of the best coaches in the entire world, all focused on me. And it’s like I have 100 percent attention on my growth and development. And they’re excited about this transition and this new adventure to be a long and part of it with me.”