Phil Lo Greco Survives Early Scare to Turn Back Daniel Sostre on Adrien Broner-Antonio Demarco Undercard


Unbeaten Canadian welterweight star Phil Lo Greco “The Italian Sensation” (25-0, 14 KOs), continued his undefeated streak last night with a tough battle against Daniel Sostre (11-8-1, 4 KOs),  a seven-year professional who brought his experience and tested Lo Greco early. Sostre landed a right hand over the top of a low lingering left hand that Lo Greco had dangling early on. Lo Greco hit the canvas only to get up to his feet on shaky legs. This is the second time that Lo Greco faced adversity on the Jersey Shore of Atlantic City. In his last fight he was dropped early on as well, only to overcome the challenge of coming from behind on the score cards.

Lo Greco proved that he could take a good punch and keep on throwing shots back at his opponent, who seemed to stand up to his power and was  to eager to get into exchanges with him. Sostre had his moments in the fight landing his left hook and over hand rights, but in the second round Lo Greco came out digging to the body and was able to continue to land his body shots throughout the third round. Lo Greco dug deep with the left hook to body and was able to force Sostre back to the ropes.

The tide started to change and Lo Greco became the aggressor for the remainder of the bout and had Sostre out on his feet a few times. Lo Greco was finding his target more and more. The effect of all of the body work that he put in early on started to show in the fight.

The start of the seventh would mark the beginning of the end for Sostre, as Lo Greco would connect with lefts and rights while still digging to the body and coming back up to the head. He had his opponent practically hanging out the ring, ultimately causing the referee to stop the fight, a decision that didn’t sit well with the crowd.

Regardless of the decision made by the referee to stop the fight, it appeared as though the outcome was inevitable.