Porter Vows to Come Back Stronger After His Loss to Brook


    Shawn-Porter_ElsaShawn Porter is coming off his first professional defeat after losing his IBF welterweight title to Kell Book. Porter was attempting to retain his IBF title for the second time after thrashing Devon Alexander last December.

    Porter has recently begun sparring with Paul Spadafora (49-1, 19 KO) and Devin Haney, one of the best amateur boxers in the world. Porter has been using both of these fighters to get more comfortable.

    “I have been trying to get better, to get more comfortable in the ring,” added Porter. “Today was all about defense.”

    On average, Devin Haney can throw 100 punches or more per round. It provided Porter with a challenge that probably would have helped him prepare for the Kell Brook fight better.

    “That will transition into the next fight,” said Porter. “I will be better on defense.”

    Sometimes learning how to do things one way and transitioning to a new style all of a sudden can be extremely frustrating, especially for a world-class fighter.

    “It is definitely frustrating trying to sit back and defend,” said Porter. “On the other hand, you cannot always be defensive in the ring. I cannot always be a bull.”

    Kell Brook is a fighter that is known for exposing defensive weaknesses. He was able to read when Porter was going to throw a punch and timed it perfectly with counter shots. Porter may have been trying too hard to land the big shot. Did trying to be too offensive hurt Porter?

    “Definitely, definitely,” replied Porter. “There were points in the ring where I should have hit the brakes. I just turned 27. With age comes wisdom,” added Porter.

    In boxing, we have seen so many young, talented fighters take one loss and never recover from it. For instance, Victor Ortiz has never been the same since his fourth round knockout loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Some even go as far back to Ortiz’s bout with Marcos Maidana. Porter refuses to let the loss to Brook bring him down.”

    “I am learning more today. Today was my first day sparring,” said Porter. “I have to be positive, grow, and learn.” Furthermore, Porter added, “I have to be patient in this sport.”

    After taking a loss in such an important bout, some fighters are not willing to make their next fight a title fight in fear of achieving the same result. Shawn Porter is not that type of fighter. He wants his title back as soon as possible, possibly in December this year or early 2015.

    “I am a world class fighter. There is no reason to step back,” said Porter. “I understand what it takes to be at that level.”