Despite Thurman Rumors, Shawn Porter Expects Tim Bradley Next


Porter-fist-pose_BottariShawn Porter and Keith Thurman were both on hand at the Barclays Center this past weekend for PBC on NBC. The rumor that neither would confirm is that both would be back at the Barclays June 20th fighting each other. However, Porter may have other business to attend to as the IBF mandated a fight between himself and Timothy Bradley for the right to fight Kell Brook. Brook dethroned Porter last year of that same IBF Welterweight Title.

Porter feels that fight is right up his alley.

“The Marquez fight was probably the last time I seen a good Timothy Bradley,” Porter told “That’s neither here or there, it’s being mandated by the IBF. If it happens we’ll go to work, we’ll go to the drawing board, we’ll figure it out.”

Porter feels in a fight with Tim Bradley, he will show more of the tools he has in his toolbox.

“I know one thing, I’m a very versatile fighter, boxing, punching, brawling, inside work, outside work,” stated Porter. “We’ll figure out what’s best for that fight and put it on display. A lot of the things you didn’t see against Kell Brook, you’ll see in a fight against Timothy Bradley.”

Porter feels that getting a shot at Kell Brook is on the same level of importance as is putting a name of Bradley’s caliber on his resume.

“I would say at this point, it could be about the same,” explained Porter. “I know my Dad feels a little different than I do about this situation. I think beating Timothy Bradley and putting me in line to fight Kell Brook again and if I ever go across the pond and fight him, I would love to do that. I would love to get the vengeance and do what I didn’t do in the first fight and get the IBF title. My dad feels a little different, he feels we fighting a name in Timothy Bradley, a good fighter to put on my resume. But man if I had another chance to get Kell Brook I’ll take it.”