Q and A with Steve “The Dragon” Claggett


Steve “The Dragon Claggett (@SDragonClaggett) is a Canadian standout prospect who has spent time training with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and has a bright future in boxing. He has a record of 15-2-1 with 10 KO’s. Claggett is from Calgary, Alberta Canada and is of Chinese and Irish decent. Claggett’s makes his in ring return this May 31st in Edmonton, Alberta Canada on the undercard of Melissa Hernandez vs. Jelena Mrdjenovich trilogy. Steve recently took time out of his busy training schedule to do a little Q and A with us at Tha Boxing Voice.

Julio Garcia: Hey Steve how are you doing?

Steve Claggett: I’m good, just doing my thing.

JG: One of the aspects in boxing that intrigues me is depth of a fighter’s amateur background. In some countries guys don’t even have one and go straight to pro and learn on the job. What can you tell us about your amateur career?

SC: I didn’t have a big amateur career compared to some fighters; I had fewer than 50 fights. I learned a lot of my boxing knowledge during my pro fights and all the time I spent in places like Vegas and big bear.

JG: What can you tell us about yourself that isn’t already known?

SC: A lot of people don’t know that I’m Chinese/Irish. I have a dream to one day fight in Macau I think that would be incredible.

JG: How did you get the nickname, Dragon?

SC: I was in LA one time and had a friend finally found out that I was half Chinese. This was during my first year or two of being pro so a nickname hadn’t been given to me yet. My buddy found out, said it right away and the name stuck. I love it.

JG: You have had 18 pro fights so far with your 19th coming up on May 31st. How is your preparation going for the fight?

SC: My preparation for this fight is going exactly how I want it to go.  The game plan is being put together perfectly by my trainer Eric de Guzman and I. We’re looking to execute the game plan and take care of business.

JG: What gym do you train out of?

SC: I train out of Teofista Boxing Gym in my hometown Calgary, I started ten years ago right here this is my home for sure.

JG: Who are you sparring with?

SC: I’m sparring with the best guys in the province of Alberta, great work always.

JG: I heard you were in the Mayweather camp for his fight last year for the Cotto fight. How did that go and how do you think it will benefit your future?

SC: Being at the Mayweather gym has always been incredible. My friends there keep me working and the atmosphere is just like you would expect at Floyd’s gym. Hard work and dedication is the name of the game. It’s all great experience, makes me a better fighter and I take those lessons with me as far as I go.

JG: You have spent a majority of your career fighting in Canada fighting outside the country twice; once in the Philippines and ones in California. What were those experiences like for you and what did you learn fighting away from home?

SC: I had a great time fighting in California; great crowd, great venue. It was pretty awesome. Wild fights too, so I think the fans had something to cheer about. The Philippines was incredible other then the outcome of the fight obviously, I learned many preparation troubles while traveling for fights though so I can definitely take that with me for next time I cross the world.

JG: How would you describe yourself as a boxer?

SC: I’d say that I’m a come forward fighter with better defense than most give me credit for. I fight well on the inside and I like to brawl. Overall, could be a real crowd pleaser.

JG: You lost your last fight against Alexandre Lepelley. Two of the judges had you losing and the other judge had you ahead on the score cards; how close of a fight do you think it was and what did those two judges see?

SC: I thought that my last fight was a joke. The judges scored the fight on aggression and the crowds ooh’s and ah’s. Any well seasoned real boxing judge would see that I rolled or caught almost every punch he threw at me. Not taking anything away from Lepelley but the fact that he couldn’t see after the fight and I didn’t have a single scratch on me should say something. Effective punching 101; land clean and do damage.

JG: What does your fight against Paul Bzdel mean to you? Is it a tune up or a stay busy fight?

SC: I never treat any fight as a stay busy fight. This will be the biggest fight of my career especially because I am coming off of a loss. So I’m looking to perform like a world champion and do what I love to do. Plus I know that Paul is a tough guy, I’m thinking that this will be a toe to toe war. I’m hoping for exactly that.

JG: What is Bzdel’s biggest threat as a fighter?

SC: I just see him being a tough guy; he’s got some good boxing skill all around so I have to be on my A game which is exactly what I’m going to do. He’s got skills and I know he’ll come to fight. I’m actually really pumped about this one.

JG: When do you plan on fighting next; permitting everything goes according to plan this fight?

SC: June 22 at Cowboys Casino, it will be huge. One fight at a time though, that fight doesn’t exist to me until this one happens.

JG: How many more times do you plan on fighting since it is still pretty early in the year?

SC: I hope that I can fight two or three more times this year, I really had a drive booster after that last fight so I just want to get into it and stay busy. I hope to travel more as well.

JG: On BoxRec it has you listed as one of Canada’s top ranked welterweights. Who do you view as Canada’s best in the division and who would you like to fight?

SC: I like to focus on me, the other guys in my division definitely all have skill but I believe in my purpose to be a world champion and blood and guts warrior. So I’m taking on all comers and ready to dance with whoever wants it. My last two years in Vegas really made me a new fighter and now my restart back home with new knowledge have made me hungry for success. I’m staying focused on the long term goal; whoever stands in my way is going to get it.

JG: What do you do in your spare time outside of boxing?

SC: I’m a party animal haha, nowadays in a healthy, sober, and focused way though, I just stay with my friends and have fun, we live life to the fullest. Traveling is huge in my books too.

JG: Do you have a closing message for the fans?

SC: Closing message to the fans: I love you guys! The feeling of succeeding and coming through when people have my back is what I live for. Life is about the people around you and my fans mean a lot to me. Family and friends for life.

JG: Thank you Steve and best of luck to you in your next fight and in your career.