Q&A: Meet Edmonton Cruiserweight Prospect Paul “P-Mac” Mackenzie



Paul “P-Mac” Mackenzie (3, 0, 1, 2 KO’s) is a professional cruiserweight boxer from Edmonton, Alberta Canada who will be competing on the undercard of the Melissa Hernandez-Pacheco vs. Jelena Mrdjenovich card on May 31st at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton. Paul was a very decorated amateur boxer around Canada winning multi-provincial titles and has a bright future ahead of him. Thaboxingvoice.com caught up with Paul and we discussed his past, present, and future in the sport of boxing. It will be interesting to see how his career unfolds moving forward.

JG: Where were you born and raised?


JG: How did you get started in boxing?

PM: Through Scotty “Bulldog” Olson

JG: What was your greatest achievement as an amateur?

PM: Winning my 1st Medal at Junior Nationals (Silver) and Boxer of the Year inEdmonton.

JG: As an amateur did you always train at the Cougar boxing gym?

PM: Cougar was my gym for almost all of my amateur fights but I did train at Avenue and The Bronx for a bit.

JG: From what I last read about you I heard you were training at the Panther Boxing Gym correct?

PM: Yes I am training at Panther Gym now.

JG: What brought about that change?

PM: That is gym that my trainer and manager work out of.

JG: How did the opportunity come up for you to turn pro?

PM: I could have when I was 16 and 17, but my Dad did not want me going pro that young, so I listened to him when he told me to wait until I was older, and when I turned 20 I decided I wanted to turn pro.

JG: How is training camp going?

PM: Training camp has been going good.

JG: How long have you been in camp for?

PM: I have been in camp for 3 weeks now.

JG: Who are your sparring partners?

PM: I have a few sparring partners but my main one is Rob Nichols. He and I put in lots of rounds before both of our fights.

JG: What motivates you most?

PM: The passion of the sport and the feeling you get when you step into that ring it is amazing.

JG: Has your opponent been selected yet?

PM: Yes my opponent is selected it will be Ty MacDougall.

JG: How does fighting at home feel?

PM: Fighting at home is incredible to box in front of friends and fans that come every fight to cheer for you and support you.Edmontonhas great fans. I do know eventually I will have to go fight in other places away from home and I look forward to that.

JG: Do you have an opponent in mind on who you would like to fight next after the May 31st fight?

PM: No I don’t look after that. It is the decision of my coach Sterling Craig and KO Boxing. My job is to train and box and not worry about who I am fighting.

JG: What do you think you can bring to the table for Canadian boxing?

PM: Well I am only 21 years old right now so I hope that I can bring youth and excitement to my fans in Canadian boxing and continue to get new fans every fight. Canadian Boxing is watched and respected all over the world and I am proud to fight in my Country.

JG: What are your thoughts on the Canadian mega fight between Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal? Who wins and how?

PM: I think that Pascal will win againstButemaybe by stoppage.

JG: Do you have a message to boxing fans reading this?

PM: I just want to say a big thank you to all of my friends and fans who have supported me from day one and continue to do so. I love this sport so much, and I know that I still have so much to learn, and I am willing to do that. I also want to say to everyone to support you’re local amateur gyms. They do incredible things with youth inside the ring and outside the ring. I also would like to give a shout out to my sponsors Whiskey Rock, Triple 6, Chimmy’s Pub, Guhdar Photography, Rush Nutrition, Triple 6 Mechanical, TLC Entertainment, Ediroc, and Grand Lux Lounge.

JG: Thanks and good luck in your fight.