Quillin “Workin’ On Having Fireworks Come Out In Any Round”


Peter QuillinNestor Gibbs of ThaBoxingVoice.com had a chance to speak with Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin about his upcoming fight with WBO middleweight champion Andy Lee. Of course, when talking about Andy Lee, the conversation is bound to turn to Lee’s late-fight theatrics.

The question of stamina and training should be a concern for anyone getting in the ring with Andy Lee as he is one of those fighters that is dangerous at any point in a fights no matter what the score cards say. Over 46% of Andy Lee’s knockouts have come at the halfway point of the fight or later.

As recently as last December, Lee was in a tough fight with then-undefeated Matt Korborov when he landed a devastating sixth round right hook that resulted in the WBO belt being strapped around Andy Lee’s waist. Nes brought up Andy Lee’s reputation and how it may have affected Quillin’s approach to the fight after his long layoff and Quillin feels that he has already proved what he can do over the course of 12 rounds.

“Let’s just say that I’m just workin’ on having fireworks come out in any round. I done already proved I can fight hard for 12 rounds, like Hassan N’Dam [N’Jikam], goin’ twelve rounds with ’em, I dropped him twice in the twelfth round, so like I done proved over and over again that I can go hard twelve rounds.”

Along with Quillin’s more traditional boxing training at Wildcard West, he has also been participating in hot yoga and spin classes on a regular basis. Alternative training techniques can be a mixed bag with Robert Guerrero’s poor performance after singing the praises of his new CrossFit regimen being one of the latest examples. Gibbs brought this up to Quillin and asked whether Quillin was worried about any of it being detrimental to his performance in the ring. Quillin considers it all just part of his routine.Peter Quillin wins

“Outside of camp I have to stay in shape, so these are some of the things that I usually find myself doing, playing basketball, you know rock climbing, I just try to live an active lifestyle. As far as the spin classes, it makes me feel good, and I work hard and I just think you gotta figure out what works for you.”

Quillin has certainly proved that he can go rounds. 10-12 round fights are all over his record, but it remains to be seen if he can stay sharp enough to counter the tenacity that Andy Lee has been known to bring into the later rounds. As a fighter that makes it a point to stay in shape year round, I would think that even in the face of a year-long layoff, “Kid Chocolate” should have no problems with stamina as long as he can keep clear of that Andy Lee right hand.

Peter Quillin fights for Andy Lee’s WBO middleweight championship on April 11th at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The fight will be broadcast as part of Al Haymon’s PBC on NBC.