Ray Leonard Says That Mayweather Would Be a Whole Different Horizon for Khan


    2802“Sugar” Ray Leonard is one of the greatest fighters of all-time. The hall of fame fighter was the lineal welterweight champion of the world and some consider him the greatest fighter to ever lace up the gloves.

    Leonard spoke briefly with HustleBoss.com about Amir Khan’s last fight and how he’d fair against Floyd Mayweather, which could potentially materialize over the next couple months, although it is worth noting that Khan was in line to fight Floyd in May of last year but was ultimately passed on in favor of Marcos Maidana.

    “I saw the last couple rounds [of Amir Khan-Devon Alexander]. I didn’t see enough, but [Khan] did what he had to do,” Leonard told HustleBoss.com in a video published on their YouTube channel.

    Khan has recently made statements in the media regarding Floyd’s legacy and has stated that Floyd will never live up to some of the all-time great welterweight champions, specifically naming Leonard.

    Many have argued that Floyd’s perfect record is enough to garner “the best ever” moniker he has bestowed upon himself, but Khan believes that Leonard ranks higher and that his legacy is better because he never avoided the tough fights, while critizing Floyd for not fighting the seemingly more competitive fights in his career – specifically the mega fight with Manny Pacquiao, which has alluded fans for years.

    When asked if Khan was good enough to beat Floyd, Leonard said “That’s tough, that’s a whole different horizon [for Khan], but I like what I see in Amir.”