Raymundo Beltran On Pacquiao “It’s unpredictable, you never know then Boom!”


Raymundo BeltranRaymundo Beltran(29-7-1, 17KO’s) has been granted a third attempt at securing the WBO World Lightweight title on May 1st when he takes on Takahiro Ao(27-3-2, 12KO’s) in Las Vegas.

Some of you may have noticed that is just one day before Floyd Mayweather(47-0, 26KO’s) and Manny Pacquiao(57-5-2, 38KO’s) are set to meet for three of the four welterweight titles in the very same city. Beltran has been a mainstay in Freddie Roach’s(Pacquiao trainer) Wild Card gym for many a year and it so happens that his training camp over the next month or so coincides nicely with Pacquiao’s, so they can assist one and other in preparation for their respective fights.

Elie Seckbach of Esnewsreporting spoke with Beltran during an outdoor workout to relive some of his experiences while sparring with the Filipino superstar. On how many rounds together Beltran said;

“I lost count man. I think I took more punishment from him than anybody else.”

In Beltran’s first title shot against Ricky Burns in 2013, it was he who dished out the punishment. He broke the Scottish champion’s jaw in the second round and dropped him in the eighth in what looked like a dominant display, until the scorecards were read out. A draw. Laughable, but Beltran received recognition for the performance and received another shot a year later against the man who dethroned Burns, Terrence Crawford. Crawford soundly outboxed Beltran and scored the unanimous decision victory but has since moved up in weight, leaving that WBO strap without a waist to hang from.

As he makes what could conceivably be a final grasp at that elusive title, Beltran gave thanks to all of the fans who have stuck with him, remaining stalwart through a rough couple of years.

“That night when I become world champion, it’s a championship for all my fans, all my fans that have been supporting me and show me love and never give up on me, in Mexico, the US everywhere.”

If any of those fans are in any way able to lend financial support to Beltran’s cause he is currently accepting donations and can be contacted at [email protected]. He isn’t one of the glamor boys of the sport and funding a full-time career in the fight game is not cheap.

Any self-respecting journalist would not allow him to leave without commenting on the upcoming Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight and Seckbach thankfully obliged. There are few people better qualified to analyze the talent of Manny Pacquiao than a man who has spent countless rounds trading blows with him.

“The left is his punch; it’s the key for him you know.”

Pacquiao’s backhand from his southpaw stance is a tool of destruction. He can either lead with it, sometimes even doubling it up, and throw it with less power or really wind it up behind a right-handed jab. He carries real power on that side; something made even more dangerous by the speed with which he delivers it.

“It’s unpredictable, you never know then Boom! it’s already there, he already hit you, you know.”

That isn’t the first time we’ve heard reports about the disconcerting effect Pacquiao’s fast fists can have, but the question is whether he can get in undetected past Mayweather’s finely tuned radar on the night. Beltran will be nearby to lend his support no doubt, and possibly offering advice with the newfound confidence of a champion.