Raymundo Beltran Ready To Fight Again, Would Like To Fight Yuriorkis Gamboa


    After time passes, wounds heal, tempers subside and life goes on. A good person will try to right a wrong that has been done. That being said, it would seem only right for Ricky Burns and his team to do what is right in giving Raymundo Beltran a rematch from their fight that took place just a little while back.

    Until that happens Beltran is left playing the waiting game for not just an offer to be made for a fight but for a fight to be made in neutral territory. So what’s going on with Beltran right now?

    “I’ve been great. I’ve just been relaxing here in Mexico waiting for my visa.”

    Until just a few fights ago, Beltran was an unknown to casual boxing fans. Die-hard fans knew who he was and knew what he was capable of. Since the fight with Burns happened his recognition is at another level now and is a more recognizable face in the U.S. but Mexico is yet another story. Perhaps a few fights south of the border could do the trick.

    “They (fans) pay more attention to me. They want to take pics and take me out here in Mexico but I can’t wait to be in L.A. I’m more known in the U.S. I think I’ll fight in the U.S. (next) but I want Mexican fans get to know more about me. I wish to fight in Mexico.”

    A rematch with Burns would be ideal, especially on neutral territory but Burns team has shown no interest in fighting Beltran outside of Scotland. If they want Burns to shine brighter as a star they are going to have to push him from the nest so he can learn to fly. Life’s a risk and without risk come no reward. So the question is why not and Beltran has the answer for that.

    “They don’t believe in Ricky. I go to everyone’s backyard because I believe and my team believe in me. We don’t have that problem.”

    Beltran will face anyone, anytime. He has gone to everyone’s backyard and fought with the odds against him and that may be one of the reasons fans hold a high respect for the fighter. Though he does not go out and demand for certain fighters to fight him there is one fighter he has in mind that he would like to fight, Yuriorkis Gamboa. The style that the two fighters posses would make for a great fan friendly fight that should not be hard to get signed. Both fighters have a name and both are always in search of great competition and great fights. Until then, Beltran is forced to wait but whatever comes his way, he is ready.