Ricardo Mayorga Announces His Retirement From Boxing


    Ricardo Mayorga has been one of the most entertaining fighters in the 2000s. Win, lose or draw. He would often provoke his opponent in the lead up to the fight and was one of the greatest trash talkers in the game. His name meant something big when a fight was announced but that time has long come and gone.

    Mayorga fit the profile of a fighter that fought a lot longer then he should have. His last meaningful fight was against Miguel Cotto and even though he was stopped in that fight he put on a good show and there were still some possibilities left for him. Sadly, nothing developed after that fight and he was inactive and left boxing for 3 years as he moved on to try mixed martial arts. His return to boxing was welcomed with mostly negative reviews and he was only able to win fights against lesser opposition. The calls for him to retire have long been ignored but as of today, those called are no longer being ignored as Mayorga took to Facebook to announce his retirement from boxing.

    ” If I can continue to fight just by having balls I would fight until I am 90 years old, but it does not work that way and my fans know that and I am gone, I will not return. Thank you for wanting to always see me in the ring and for watching my fights even though some are calling for one more fight, there will be no more relaxing for me.”

    The Nicaraguan fighter won numerous titles, fought some of the best names in the business but his greatest accomplishments in his career will forever be his victories over Vernon Forrest.