Rios-Alvarado Calls For A Second Helping


    The majority of fights are overhyped and never come close to the expectations set for them. The Rios-Alvarado matchup on Saturday night exceeded many expectations. I would go as far to say it was under hyped. Two undefeated fighters in their prime facing each other. This fight could spur a trilogy. It’s the type of Gatti-ward and Pacquiao-Marquez bouts that boxing thrives on. These guys are pure warriors and we here at ‘Tha Boxing Voice’ salute them both. There truly was no loser in this fight.

    Alvarado should hold his head high. He was ahead on my scorecard, as well as HBO’s Harold Lederman’s unofficial scorecard. He appeared to be more active and landing more. Alvarado stood toe to toe for awhile and would trade with the heavy handed Rios. Then Alvarado would back up and use his range, frustrating Rios. Damage on both fighters was building and then Rios landed a vicious overhand right. Alvarado never saw it coming, which allowed Rios to get in some more shots to continue to stumble Alvarado. The ref had to end up calling it because Alvarado’s chin and willpower wouldn’t allow him to go down. Alvarado had to be saved from himself.

    Rios went into this fight determined and fought like a man possessed. He never changed his game plan, even after he was decked with flush combinations. Something that moved me as a boxing fan was during exchanges and at the end of the rounds you could see Rios grinning from ear to ear. This kid just loves to fight, in fact during the post fight interview when he was asked if he would do a rematch he replied with a smile “Fuck it, lets do it again!”. Rios silenced the questions people had about him after his last fight with Richard Abril, which anyone who watched it knows Rios should have lost on points. He won back any respect he may have lost in beating Alvarado. Rios power will be a lot for anyone to handle in the one hundred forty pound division.

    I think there will be a debate on the stoppage. Was the stoppage a little early? Perhaps it was. It seemed to me that Alvarado still had his wits about him. He was trying to clinch Rios when the ref stepped in. Alvarado should have taken a knee but with the barrage of punches he was taking, I’m certain it was easier said then done. Can we complain about the stoppage? Not really, Alvarado was in some real danger and was knocked silly, although his heart kept him on his feet. The ref did the right thing and protected the fighter. All things considered they should do it again, it’s good for boxing, it’s good for the fighters, and most importantly it’s good for the fans.

    So fans please speak up. Would you like to see Rios-Alvarado II? If not then who would you like Rios or Alvarado to fight next? Leave comments and your votes below.