Rios Says He’s Going To Macau To Retire Pacquiao, Roach Isn’t a Good Guy


“It crossed my mind. The day I lost to Alvarado. I was bummed because I lost but there goes my chance for the mega fight, I was bummed but they chose me and thank them and I’ll be ready.” These were the sentiments shared by Brandon Rios when he was a guest of ThaBoxingVoice Radio show last weekend.

After losing to Mike Alvarado in their rematch this past March, Rios felt he had lost the mega fights that had been promised to him with Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. But then the news came out that he would indeed be facing Manny Pacquiao in November. I had texted Rios giving him the good news and he didn’t believe me. So when he called his manager Cameron Dunkin, he finally got the good word.

“When I got your message I was like what? Let me find out if this is real. “I thought I was on track for Alvarado. I called Cameron and then he called me back and said I got good news and bad news. You got the Pacquiao fight and I was like f*ck yeah can’t wait. So what’s that’s the bad news? Well it’s in china. I was like bad news that’s pretty f*cking great news too, I get to see another part of the world. I have been promised Pac and Marquez so it finally came through,” said Rios excitedly.

Rios is the underdog and people have mentioned that this fight will resemble the Pacquiao-Margarito fight, where Pacquiao defeated the slower Margarito and broke his orbital bone in the process. So the thought process here is similar, that Rios will be a punching bag to make Pacquiao look good. Rios knows what the talk is about and welcomes it.

“I’ll have that role no matter what; it’s a perfect match to be a heavy punching bag for someone. If they think I’m going in there to lose, they’re wrong. I’m an animal. If you notice I don’t come out marked up because yeah I don’t move my head but I block a lot of punches with my gloves. I’m not worried about that. I’m there to knock him out, put this guy into retirement, out with the old in with the new.”

This fight will be Rios’ first at welterweight and Rios feels he will be stronger as he won’t have to cut much weight in camp with his trainer Robert Garcia. This will be Garcia’s second crack at Pacquiao and Roach. Garcia trained Margarito when he faced Pacquiao. During that camp there was a video of Rios and Margarito poking fun of Freddie Roach who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Even though Rios has moved past that part of his life, he has a feeling it will be brought and he be painted the bad guy in this fight.  

“It’s going to happen. They going to bring up to what happen in the video, they’re going to make me look like the bad guy and make him look like the good guy, when in reality Freddie Roach isn’t a good guy. He talks a lot of sh*t. Have you seen the video where he calls the guy a f*ggot and he tried to beat him up on an interview? They’re going to make him look like the good guy and me and Robert as the bad guy and that’s fine, I’ll be the bad guy. But I know I’m not a bad guy and I’m a great guy, I got a good heart, it is what it is, fuck the b*llshit they’re trying to do. I’m going to china and do what they say I couldn’t do.”


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