Randy Caballero’s Future is Bright and He’s Ready to Shine


Randy “ El Matador” Caballero (19-0 11KOs) is an up and coming Bantamweight prospect that is at the cusp of stardom. He is coming off an impressive 7th round knockout over a tough fighter in Miguel Robles July 20th on Fox Deportes. Recently ThaBoxingVoice had a chance to catch up with Caballero to discuss his future in boxing.


The south California native is ready for the limelight and is preparing for his title shot.  This year Caballero had an 8 month layoff leaving the question what he plans to do for the rest of 2013, “Whatever Golden Boy has planned, hopefully and I pray to God that this title shot comes before the end of the year, it would be a dream come true for myself and my team,” he said.


Caballero has been in discussions with Golden Boy about getting a shot at the IBF title and he is excited about his opportunity to prove himself at a world class level. “You got to beat the best to be the best,” he continued. “Right now the talks are to go for the IBF title, and I think (Jamie McDonnell) from the UK has it and if that’s who we have to go after to make a name for myself in this sport I’m ready to go for anybody,” Caballero stated.


The majority of “El Matadors” fights have been in Indio, but he welcomes a change of scenery and should he land his title shot with McDonnell he is ready to fight in the champions backyard. “I’ll fight anywhere I don’t care where I got to go fight.”


Recent fights in the UK have not been short of controversy but the young fighter knows he can’t go into the fight expecting that out boxing his opponent would be enough to walk away with the win/ “It’s going to be harder to win the fight, our job is to knock this guy out, we have to take him out , you can’t go to a decision.” Although he is confident about his ability he wouldn’t underestimate his opponent, “If (McDonnell) has the world title there is a reason why he has it”.


If a title shot does not happen in the near future he wants to remain active to complete the remainder of the year, “I would love to have 2 or 3 more fights.“


Golden Boy, Caballero’s promotional company, has long list of talented fighters in the weight class above his in the Super Bantamweight division. When asked how he feels about moving up to take on the top names he stated, “I’m making weight fine, I feel strong at 118.” Also he stated, “I want to get a world title then make the jump to 122.” He understands the importance of proving yourself prior to moving up for bigger names.  “I’m ready to make a name for myself at 118 and go as far as I can go.” He went on to say, “My job is to be ranked number 1 in the whole world in my weight class”.


Caballero has a lot of confidence and the future is bright for the 22 year old prospect but only time will tell where he’ll end up at the conclusion of his career.