Roach Believes Pacquiao’s Performance Against Algieri Will Scare Mayweather Away


    manny-pacquiao-newsManny Pacquiao realizes there has been ongoing talk amongst the boxing world that he has not stopped an opponent in over five years. Pacquiao understands why people are saying he’s not the same fighter he used to be, and even he himself acknowledges it. Pacquiao is determined to show shades of his former self, and deliver a knockout victory.

    Freddie Roach revealed in the press conference, “He hasn’t knocked out anyone lately and he [Pacquiao], wants to get that fire, and he wants a knockout. It’s the first time he has ever told me that the old Manny will knock this guy out.”

    Roach has been clear throughout the media press tour, he expects Pacquiao to stop Algieri in under five rounds. Roach believes this will be accomplished because of the changes in Pacquiao’s training regimen that took place for this fight. Roach stated, “We brought back a lot of the old workout routines with Justin Forturne, his old strength coach. We went to the heavy bag a lot with really hard work. It’s an old school approach. He is punching better than ever.”

    Roach believes Pacquiao will dominate Algieri in such a manner that it will drive Floyd Mayweather Jr. further away. Roach said he told Pacquiao, “Manny you don’t want to beat up Algieri too bad because then Mayweather is just going to run a little bit more. He is scared of us now and he is going to be more scared after we destroy this guy. But Mayweather may show some balls and step up to the plate.”