Tim Lane Yells at the WBO President Regarding Pacquiao’s Handwraps


    Algieri-Macau-Arrival_140823_001aTim Lane and Freddie Roach reportedly got into a heated debate regarding Manny Pacquiao’s hand wraps. According to Harold Letterman, he told ESNEWS, “Freddie Roach and Tim Lane really went at it in the rules meeting. They were arguing what’s the legal way to wrap Manny Pacquiao’s hands.”

    Letterman went on to explain, “It seems that Freddie Roach likes to twist the tape that he puts in between Manny’s fingers to hold the bandages on. And Tim Lane objected vehemently to Manny twisting the tape. He said it’s a half-inch strip of tape you put in between the fingers but you don’t twist it. I guess his argument was he could make the bandages heavier by twisting the tape. It went on for about an hour and Tim Lane ended up screaming at the WBO president.”

    Whether Lane and Roach come to a full agreement regarding Pacquiao’s hand wraps remains to be seen. At the end of the day it will be up to the commission to be the judge, but these disputes near the day of the fight is nothing new. Many people aim to get any physical or psychological advantage leading into the fight, and given the fact there is much tension bottled up between the camps, these types of disputes are the norm.

    A member from Algieri’s camp will certainly be closely examining Pacquiao getting his hands wrap hours before the fight. It remains to be seen if both parties have settled their issues, or if their complaints will continue to linger on inside their dressing rooms.