Roach: ‘I Think Cotto Kicks Canelo’s Ass’


    miguel-cotto-next-fightCanelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto’s negotiations are all over the internet. The bout is likely to take place on May 2nd with numerous locations mentioned as possible locations for the fight. Freddie Roach, Miguel Cotto’s trainer said he expects Cotto to show up to camp this week. In a sit down with UCNLive’s Steve Kim, he says he’s readying Cotto for whatever is next.

    “When Canelo went over to HBO, it kind of excited me a little bit,” stated Roach. “That makes the fight more possible. I know they’re negotiating that fight right now. I know Miguel will be here December 7th. Something is happening, I don’t know what but we are starting camp December 7th.”

    Roach feels he will have a well prepared Miguel Cotto regardless if he’s only fought twice in two years and says ring rust won’t be an issue.

    “I know how to deal with that. Sparring Sessions will be more like fights to get ready for the fight. I have real good sparring partners that will push him because he needs to be pushed a little harder because he only fought once this year. But I don’t see it as an issue. I love this fight for him,” explained Roach

    Canelo is in the prime of his career and does not have as many miles as Miguel Cotto’s lasp opponent, Sergio Martinez. Cotto put the pedal on the gas and routed Martinez. Roach thinks Cotto takes it to Canelo.

    “I think we kick this guy’s ass,” stated Roach. “I hear he hits hard. I see him hit hard. But I’ve seen him train, he’s lazy, he doesn’t train. I’ve seen him train at Wild Card West, not impressed.”

    Roach is confident in Cotto because he feels Cotto is now at his peak

    “Miguel is better than he’s ever been. At this point I like this fight for him. We got to come up with a perfect game plan that I’ll come up with. He’s (Canelo) a decent puncher and a little bit dangerous but outside of that I’m not impressed.”